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Randsburg XX was held on Sunday May 4, 2014 in conjunction with the Trashnar Hash weekend campout.
This was the final Randsburg H3 and it was one of the best.

First Randsburg H3 start 1995About 50 showed up in front of the White House Saloon to brave the trail set by hares Gang Banger, Works For Bush, Inbox, Just John and Just Jenny. The Zombies were waiting for them at the Johannesberg Cemetary. Scroll down to see the photos.

The Randsburg Hash House Harriers was founded by Los Angeles hashers Hozer and See More Buns in 1995 as a road trip hash. RH3 runs once a year in the Mojave Desert of California on the Sunday of the day after the Wild Wild West Marathon/50K/10 mile trail race in Lone Pine the first Saturday weekend in May. Announcement and info is also listed on the May calendar at hash.org.

Check out Just Cheryls' 2012 blog. Click here for Rub Her Dinghy's 2010 photos.
Scroll down below for a few more pix taken by See More Buns. Mitey Byte, SID and Rub Her Dinghy:

Dinged Up DickRandsburg is an over 100 year old western mining town in the Mojave Desert about a 2.5 hour drive from Los Angeles. There is still an active mine there and the town has been used in a number of movies including the cult classic Chopper Chicks in Zombie Town - Yes, that is Randsburg RA Dinged Up Dick as the Zombie pushing the lawn mower in the movie trailer. Randsburg was even mentioned in that great American Hash novel by J. H. Balz, "The Hasher Drinkin' Rye". Come early to check out the town, antique shops, or have a Mojave Red on tap at the White House Saloon and Floozy House - Jim has great chili to go with the beer. And before you leave town, ya just gotta have a Black Bart (the best banana split you have ever had) at the General Store - scroll to the bottom to see photo.

RandsburgPre Run Brief: Click on map to enlarge. The hash starts promptly in front of the White House Saloon and Floozie House after the group photo at 11AM. Trail is generally 4-5 miles with a Zombie check. This is hilly, rough baren desert running with open mine shafts, occasional creepie crawler sightings and therefore the trail and down downs at the saloon are not stroller, dog or kid friendly. Every so many years, the Zombie check will be at a mine shaft with a skeleton in it. Dont ask what is in a Zombie drink, just hope you make it back to the saloon alive for down downs after you drink it. Anyone who brings a newbie should run with them and explain the marks, hash history, guide lines, etc. - we have no trailmaster and while this hash is designed for named hashers, all are welcome.

The Randsburg Hash is a "no frills" hash meaning that there is no run fee. Except when WWW falls on a Mothers Day weekend, buy and drink a pre-run beer at the saloon or BYO and drink in the covered area near the public parking and restroom area up the street. The run is A to A or A to A', so no run bag or B van. If the Saloon is open, pitchers of beer are provided by the Founder's and hares at the end of the run and during down downs in the private room at the saloon (no outside beer or food is allowed so we dont have to pay for Saloon room use). When you come in to the Saloon from the run, immediately order your lunch and drinks (on you other than the RH3 swill) at the far end of the bar and go to the private room in the White House Saloon - listen for your hash name to be called to pick up your food. If the Saloon is closed, BYO drinks or buy them at the General Store before the run and plan to bring to A' at the end of the run.

Whippoorwill CabinLodging: Most hashers are day trippers or come down the morning after the Wild Wild West event in Lone Pine or Trashnar campout. Some come in on Friday night and stay in Randsburg to kick back, relax in town or explore Red Rock Canyon, Trona Pinnacles, Fossil Falls, tasting at the Indian Wells Brewing Company or other land marks on Saturday. There are three cabins available in Randsburg owned by Goats Sky Ranch - 760-374-2285: One sleeps 5 for $125 per nite, and the other sleeps 8 for $150 per nite. The 8 person cabin also has 15 acres for campers. Click on the photo and take the virtual tours of these cabins. There are also a few rooms available at the Randsburg Inn - 760-374-2332 before 5PM.

RH3 name tagGM Name Tags: All previously named hashers are eligable to be Grand Masters of the Randsburg hash if found acceptable during down downs after the run in the White House Saloon. The title of Grand Master of the Randsburg Hash is not given lightly, you must show up alive after the hash and be voted into the sacred order. GM name tags can be ordered from GM Asscrackistan for $10 including mailing - email her: judysweeting at gmail dot com

Randsburg mapTry to leave LA about 7AM or if in Lone Pine for WWW, about 8 AM so to have time to cruise the town and check out the Antique stores before the run start at 11AM. Don't cuss or park in front of The Joint or you might have to bare the wrath of Olga's ghost. There is public parking with a covered area and restrooms just up the street and across from the Randsburg Inn. Map.

From LA, take the 14 towards Palmdale off the 5 in the north San Fernando Valley. Mojave is a good place to gas up if you forgot. When you pass the California City turn off on the 14 start looking for the Randsburg / Redrock Rd near Cantil on your right (about 10 miles) - if you are in Red Rock Canyon you went too far. Go toward Garlock about 10 miles and watch for the turn to the right across the railroad tracks just before Garlock. Turn right and go about 9 miles to Randsburg. Bare to the right on Butte Ave and the White House Saloon and Floozy House is less than 100 yards and across from the General Store.

From OC, take the 55 or 57 to the 91 east to the 15 like you were going to Vegas. Just after Cajon Pass get on hwy. 395. Look for the Randsburg turn off on the left,1/2 mile past Johannesburg. Bare left 100 yards after the jail.

From Lone Pine, leave no later than 8 AM for the 1.5 hr drive south on hwy 395. At China Lake, make sure you take the left turn to stay on 395 and not 14. Start watching for the Randsburg turn off on your left a few miles past the Garlock turn off.

RH3 2014 starters

RH3 2014 trail 1
The pack is off to find the first mark at the Randsburg Jail.

RH3 2014 trail 2
Pot Ho is not afraid of Zombies.

RH3 2014 trail 3
The Wizard of Oz has moved back to Johannesburg across from the cemetary.

RH3 2014 trail 4
The pack was treated to a full service Zombie Check.

RH3 2014 trail 5
Just after the Zombie check the Zombies were coming out of the ground smelling human brain in the trap set by Works for Bush.

RH3 2014 trail 6
Hozer rises from his grave.

Zombie check in a mine shaft.

2011 hares arrive
2011 Hares Psycho and Mojo arrive in Randsburg style on the Goats Sky Ranch hay waggon.

This is what happened to Suck It Dry for talking during
down downs- The Cone of Silence!

See More Buns rises from his grave to give you a zombie drink at the cemetary check in 2009.


Gold was discoverd in Randsburg in 1895. It only took 100 years for hashing to be discovered in Randsburg.

black Bart Sundae
Don't leave Randsburg without having a Black Bart
at the General Store soda fountain.

In to the Valley of Death ran the Hashers.

Is it true trail or is there a false at the top of the hill?

The Zombie check here saves the county mounties time.

Danish once again proves that blonds will go the wrong way on trail no matter what.

New Randsburg GM's get initiated at the sacred ceremony.

And the sacred elixer blesses the new Randsberg GM's

Indian Wells Brewing Co.
If driving near the junction of 395 and 14, stop in at the Indian Wells Brewing Company for a fresh Mojave Red or Lobotomy Bock.

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