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Last update July 6, 2015
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Team Couch Potato 2016 Avalon 50 Mile Training Calendar

This training is designed primarily for those that want to walk/jog just to finish the Avalon 50 mile trail race at a 15-20 minute per mile pace and start early. It consists of working from a comfortable 2 hour trail walk/jog/run base to doing at least four 4 hour minimum training runs spaced two weeks apart. This is a proven endurance training technique to finish an ultra with least chance of injury. Emphasis on the training runs is to work out individual distance running problems, especially hydration and eating over long periods on the trail.
See Team Couch Potato and First Ultra Training.

    13 Sunday 2 hr min Weekend Warriors - Arroyo Seco from Altadena Dr., south.
    27 Sunday 2.5 hr min Skyline Trail SW, Hacienda Heights, 7:30AM.

    11 Saturday 3 hr min Weekend Warriors, Inspiration Point, 7:00AM
    25 Sunday 3.5 hrs, Skyline Trail East, Hacienda Heights, 7:30AM.

    8 Sunday 4hrs     21 Saturday 4+ hrs, Catalina Eco Marathon
    27 Friday 3+ hrs, West Fork morning after Thanksgiving run, early start 8AM

    6   Sunday 4+hrs, High Desert Ultra 50K, Ridgecrest
    20 Sunday 4 hr Weekend Warriors - Monrovia Canyon, 7:30AM,
          Grand Park start, explore the Ben Overturff trail
    31 Thursday 4 hr Noiz Indian Run - Chantry Flat

    9 Saturday Avalon 50
Enter the race and join the party - see who's coming. Get with others and figure out your groups starting time depending on how long you expect it will take you to finish at 4PM. Going in groups on the hour will also help scare the buffalo away on the course. You can start anytime at or before 5AM, just ask a ham radio guy at the first open aid station to give your race number and starting hour to the finish line, and verify that was done after you finish. Your expected Avalon 50 time will roughly be between two times your Catalina Eco Marathon or Ridgecrest 50K times. You may have to plan on not seeing an aid station until 7AM so take enough food to last you until then. There are drinking fountains or a water tap at Haypress, the Airport and Little Harbor to refill your bottles or hydratoin packs.

Aid Station latest departure time plan based on walking the uphills and jogging the downhills at a 15-20 minute per mile average pace and leaving at Midnight.

Aid Station

Total miles

Next miles

Leave Not Later Than


mile 5.4



Empire Road

mile 11.9



Little Harbor-drop bag

mile 18.9

7.8 (6.5+1.3)


Isthmus - turnaround

mile 25.4/26.7



Little Harbor-drop bag

mile 33.2



Eagle's Nest

mile 38.8



Pumphouse Hill

mile 44.0




mile 46.0



Finish Line

mile 50.0


4:40pm - 2 hrs to clean up and get to the awards or 1 hr to get to the banquet.

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