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Last update January 20, 2021
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Bike Mobile Notes
By Tom O'Hara W6ORG

Transmitting with your walkie talkie with one hand and holding on to the bars with the other while riding a bike can be dangerous. However, by mounting a PTT (Push To Talk) button on one side of the handlebars next to the grip allows you to keep both hands on the handlebars to give you the steering stability you need, especially on rough roads or mountain biking.

Shown above, the walkie talkie is mounted in a pouch on the bike and plugged into the PTT accessory cable. The PTT button is velcroed onto the handlebar grip where it is easily pushed with the thumb. Another connector on the cable connects your headset/mic. Mounting the radio on the bike is preferable to clipping it to your belt or hydration pack. This way if you forget to unplug when getting off your bike, the cable has a longer length before you discover it, and it might yank open at the connector rather than ripping the radio off of you.

Best to select your radio channel before you start the ride and set the keyboard lock so that it does not accidentily change channel or mode while bouncing around in the pouch.

The headset/mic can be a cellphone type using ear buds or one with a boom mic and single ear phone. If using ear buds, consider using only the side with the microphone attached to it leaving the other ear open to listen for traffic, etc. The cable uses a 3.5mm jack for the headset.

Apple Earbud headset/mic - $6 - Amazon. Add Earbud tips to keep them on your ears - $7 - Amazon.

Headset/Boom Mic with 3.5mm plug, Ausdom model BH01, $25 - Amazon. This headset has a noise cancelling mic.

Btech 3.5mm Audio Adaptor Cable - Headset/Mic/PTT for Baofeng HT and Wouxun HT's, $16.79 - Amazon - Btech

Revelate Designs
Mountain Feedbag Handlebar Bag
As seen above on Maria's Mountain bike.
REI - $49.

WOTOW Bike Handlebar Bag - Amazon - $16.89.

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