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Cloverleaf / Hairpin Trail

Last update June 30, 2021
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Ranger CatThe Monrovia Hillside Wilderness Preserve has a maze of single track trails off of the West side of the Lower Clamshell dirt road that are worth exploring. One of the favorite routes is shown on map below. Click on the map to open it to a printable page you can take with you. Some of the photos here may help you identify the way to go at trail crossings. The entry point is from Cloverleaf Dr. across from Hidden Valley Rd. You can extend your run by adding Roberts Crazy 8 when you get back to the Ranger Station. This Cloverleaf is an alternative on our last Wednesday trail runs.
When you get to Ranger Station 103, tap on the window to say HI to Tipsy the cat. No worries, Tipsy is well taken care of and the building is air conditioned.

Cloverleaf Trail Map

To get to the parking on Cloverleaf, take Alta Vista North from Foothill, and then left on Scenic which turns into Cloverleaf. Or, go North on Heather Heights from Scenic, park, and walk right on Lotone. Note Scenic does not connect between Cloverleaf and Alta Vista. Click above image for Map and junction .

The trailhead entrance is just past a private driveway and before the mailbox at 600 N Cloverleaf Dr. Follow the trail curving around to the right.

Step over the bar on the right side of the gate and enter the Monrovia Hillside Wilderness Preserve. Maria was instrumental in getting the city to lower the bar so mountain bikers and seniors could get over easier.

Find the single track trail at the South side of the tree to go up 20 Palm canyon. You will eventually return on the trail at the North side of the tree from the meadow.

Take your time going up the 8 switchbacks, the climb to the bench on the top of the ridge and the views are worth it.

3 Trail Junction. Coming down off the Experienced trail shown on the right, bear left and go up about 50 yards to the Hairpin view spot.

Coming back down the middle single track has fewer steep sections than the wider main trail on the left.

At Mountain Bike curve look for the single track on the left to take Leslie and Maria's shortcut return down the meadow.

Parking: Looking North toward 440 N. Cloverleaf Dr. and Lotone St., park here but note no parking East side on Tuesdays and West side on Wednesdays 10am to 2pm for street sweeping. The trail head is a block North on Cloverleaf from Lotone St. across from Hidden Valley Rd.

The trail goes up along a chain-link fence around a reservoir. Look for deer roaming around on both sides.

There are a few different trails splitting off near the Ranger Station. Keep going straight on the Cloverleaf Dr and look for the tree across from the 2nd telephone pole from the drinking fountain at the Ranger Station.

At the junction with the wider main trail, go straight across to take the Experienced trail.

The bench is a welcome sight and a shady spot to take a break. Turn right at the junction above the bench to go to the Hairpin or left if you want to come back on Highland.

Hairpin Overlook has a great view toward LA and Pasadena. Tradition is to touch the picture of the bear on the park map sign before turning back around to the 3 Trail Junction. The Hairpin is a sharp turn in the Lower Clamshell truck Trail. If you want to extend, you can go down the road to the NW that connects with the Clamshell trail and Wilderness Park.

Staying on the middle single track will bring you down to two foot bridges just before rejoining the wider main trail.

The meadow trail will bring you back to the tree and the Ranger Station on Cloverleaf Dr. Didnt get enough? Add in Roberts Crazy 8 trail from the Ranger Station.

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