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Last update March 1, 2018
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Las Vegas Rock'n' Roll Marathon / Half / 10K / 5K

2nd Weekend in November, Las Vegas NV, 3:00pm Start.
App and info: click on Las Vegas above.

From Julie Miller:
I did the very windy Las Vegas half marathon on Sunday, 2/3/03. The 50 mph wind sandblasted the runners, and blew water and cups right out the hands of the volunteers. Although Las Vegas has a reputation of being fast, this year the wind blew up the sand making it hard to see, and many of the runners had to walk backwards to keep the grit out. Most of the comments made by the runners after the race are unprintable. I was glad the portal-potty didn't blow over while I was in it (several portal-potties and newspaper stands were seen blown over). My running buddy, Lori Altered said, "If I ever say I want to do Las Vegas again ... shoot me." Kudos to Bob Spears for doing the full marathon.

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