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West Fork San Gabriel River Trail
"Turkey Burner"
9 AM Friday morning after Thanksgiving

Note: if West Fork is closed, East Fork is the alternate.

Work off some of those extra calories you pounded down at Thanksgiving. Make prior arrangements if you want to carpool or caravan to Azusa Canyon and the West Fork trail to meeting in the REI parking lot Friday morning at 8AM, leaving no later than 8:15 AM. For those that want to go directly, from the 210 Freeway, take Azusa Ave (Hwy 39) off ramp and go north 13 miles North all the way up into the mountains and past two dams. Plan on about a 20-25 minute drive after leaving the 210. Keep going straight toward Crystal Lake after you pass the East Fork bridge and watch for the parking lot on your left after a little over a mile and just past a bridge.
See the map below and Google Map - 34.24311, -117.86987.

A USFS Adventure Pass is required to park in the area. Best to buy one at REI on Wednesday night as the places to buy one on Azusa Ave may not be open that early in the morning Friday. Also arrange to carpool on Wednesday night so only one of you will have to get the Adventure Pass per vehicle.

mile 4 out houseRun/walk/ride starts at 9 AM. The paved trail is closed to private vehicles but is fine for bicycles - you dont need a mountain bike, any kind will do. There are good bathrooms at the start and at around miles 4.2 and 6.5. It can be a bit chilly in the canyon so bring warm clothes to start. As you can see from the altitude profile below, the trail is a gentle uphill to just after the Glen Trail Camp around 6.5 miles out where it climbs steeply to the Cogswell Dam. There are mile markers on yellow railroad ties along the north side of the trail. If you want to do the full 15 miles round trip, cross the dam and touch the canyon wall on the north side before turning around.

We suggest going out for an hour to an hour and a half, then turning around which should get most everyone back to the parking lot about 11:30 AM.
Bring drinks and Thanksgiving left overs to share.

Tom & Mary Ann at the mile 3 marker.

touch the other side of the dam
If you go all the way to Cogswell Dam, tradtion is that you must touch the otherside to say you went all the way to the dam.

dam passing
Some more Dam runners.

2010 left over feed

Go out and back at your own pace and distance, then get ready to chow down with pot luck left overs with the club at 11:30 AM.

Karen Johnson is the Go To Person for this event.

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