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Last update June 4, 2021
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Bailey Canyon Trail

This last Wednesday of the month trail run uses the Bailey Canyon trail as a timed out and back. As a weekend trail run you can make a nice loop by coming back down via the Mt. Wilson Trail and Mira Loma to Carter streets. Normally takes 2-3 hours for the loop. The trail is steep going up but the views of the San Gabriel Valley are worth it. The trail down to the Mt. Wilson Trail junction is just past and above the Jones Peak turn off. There is a Fat Ass run at the end of October that makes the loop from Sierra Madre Blvd. and Baldwin Ave. in Sierra Madre up the Bailey Canyon trail and back down the Mt. Wilson Trail.

The start is from Bailey Canyon Park (1100 ft MSL) at the west end of Carter in Sierra Madre. Easiest way to get there is, from the 210, go all the way north up Baldwin Av and turn left on Carter. At the corner of Carter and Grove turn right into the parking lot. The park is open from Sunrise to Sunset.

On a Summer Wednesday night run, we will go up the trail and turn around no later than 7:10 PM. You should be able to make it up to the Foundation or Cabin Ruin (2600 ft MSL), 2.2 miles up the trail, at a fast walk/jog in an hour. Some runners may make it all the way 3.3 Miles up to Jones Peak (3375 ft MSL) before turning around - check out the new bench there. Walkers going to the Old Cabin Foundation Ruins start at 5:30-5:45pm. It will take walkers 20 minutes to the first bench, a half hour to the 2nd bench and an hour to the 3rd bench from the trail head. There is a nice picnic area in the park, so bring a picnic dinner and something to drink for after the Wednesday night run. This trail is maintained by our own Bob Spears.

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bailey canyon trail map

bailey canyon trail sign

bailey canyon trail split
Trail split. Stay right to go up Bailey Canyon. Left goes 2/10 of a mile to the usually dry waterfall.

bailey canyon bench 1
Bench #1. This bench is'nt much and is just off trail a few yards.

bailey canyon Indian Lookout benches
Bench #2. About 2/3 of a mile up the trail are 2 benches at the Whatsittoya indian Lookout point.

bailey canyon bench 3
Bench #3. The view is worth going up trail a dozen switchbacks from bench #2. This bench is off trail about 25 yards. The turn off is on the right at the end of a long eastward traverse.

bailey canyon plaque dedication
2.2 miles up the trail with a 1500 ft climb are the Old Foundations. A good place to take a break in the shade.

bailey canyon plaque
This plaque mysteriously disappeared in 2017 along with all traces of the Whatsittoya Indians..

bailey canyon park sign

bailey canyon trail view
Our trail maintenance guy, Bob Spears.

bailey canyon trail view

You can find some interesting critters on this trail.

bailey canyon trail view
View looking down toward the Passionist Fathers Monastery.

Fire break
Saddle between Jones Peak and trail junctions (top of photo) down to the Mt. Wilson trail (right turn) or up to Hastings Peak (left) and the Toll Road.

view from Jones Peak
Looking out from atop Jones Peak from bench #4.

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