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Last update March 7, 2019

Boney Mountain Trail Half Marathon & 6K

3rd Saturday in March, Newberry Park, CA, 8 AM Start.

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One of the XTERRA SoCal Trail Run Series. Course Map, Elevation Profile.

The first 3 miles has a drop of about 400 ft with the first mile on pavement, then you get into the single track just after the first aid station. Like the Mount Wilson Trail race, this lets runners sort out by pace as passing can get difficult on the single track trails. From miles 3 to 4 you have some steep climbs totaling around 500 ft with switchbacks to slow you down. But once over the top there is a great down hill for about 2 miles with a 700 ft drop mostly on a dirt road after the 2nd aid station.

Just after the 3rd aid station past mile 6 the big climb up to Old Boney Mountain starts. Tank up at this aid station because there will be no water until you come back down around mile 12. There is a 1300 ft climb in just over 2 miles, followed by a little relief with some flat and down hill before the final climb of 400 more feet to mile 10. If you have anything left, you can boogie the next mile and a half dropping down 900 ft to the mile 12 aid station. Just after the aid station is a little up hill on a dirt road and then down hill to the finish.

*Need a race review.

Boney Mountain - as seen from the high point on the course past mile 10

3 Old Boneys.

The Thundering Herd of Estrogen.

Great views out over Oxnard to the Channel Islands.

The course is mainly on single track trails and has 2 stream crossings - around mile 1.5 (pictured) and 11.6.

Finally at the top of the climb up to the saddle below Old Boney

It can be very cold at the start so huddling is a good thing

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