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Last update October 18, 2011

Ride for the Buns

There are two bike courses often used to train for the Cool Breeze, Amtrak Century, Solvang, Tri's, etc., but at the same time have a cinnamon bun factory as a reward for making it half way - these two places have THE best cinnamon buns, and are popular bike stopes. These rides start at 7:00 AM or earlier to best minimize traffic and heat in the summer months.

It is best to ride with a group or buddy to split a cinnamon bun (they are big) and also to help if you get a flat, lost, etc., and carry a FRS walkie talkie (channel 6.0) if you loose visual contact.

Maria and Robert, who often Ride for the Buns as one of their Weekend Warrior excursions suggest:
1. Have all the necessary tire repair things like spare tube, tire irons, patch kit and a small pump.
2. Should be able to maintain 12 miles per hour on the flats.
3. One or two water bottles and a snack.
4. Extra sunscreen.
5. Be ready to sit on your bike for 3 to 6 hours in one day for the beach rides.
6. Pencil and paper to take down the E-mail address of the nice person that stops and helps you out.

Balboa Ride for the Buns
The first one is a total of 36.6 Miles starting from the Marina Parking lot in the Naples area of Long Beach on E. Marina Dr. at Studebaker Rd. - Schooner or Later restaurant is on the corner and a good place for lunch after the ride. Thomas Map 826-E2

This is a good beginners ride as there are a number of regrouping stops with bath rooms and drinking fountains plus you get to ride the Balboa Ferry ($1.50) across to Balboa Island.

The Balboa route sheet has two copies which you can print out, cut in half and give to a riding buddy. All the turns are given and the cumulative mileage. But if all else fails, keep the beach on your right going out and on your left coming back. There is a bike path speed limit of 10 MPH for in Huntington Beach and 5 MPH when pedestrians are present that is strictly enforced if you take the bike path typically after 10 AM, so start early but be aware. In Newport Beach the limit is 8 MHP. If you want to avoid people on the bike path or ride fast, take the parking lot access road or even PCH.

The Cinnamon Roll Fair is located at 220 Marine Ave on Balboa Island. Often when you get there you can see them being made in the window - do not drool on your bike, it will rust. .

Sweet Jill's Cinnamon Buns in Seal Beach

Seal Beach Ride for the Buns
Depending on what you are training for, you can either make this a 48 mile (down load the Seal Beach route sheet) starting at the Montebello Town Center SE corner of the parking lot on Montebello Blvd just before Plaza Dr.- TG-636-G6 - Map. Take the 60 freeway San Gabriel Blvd offramp.
Or you can start early and do a 61 miles round trip ride from the 3 Par Golf Course in Arcadia on Live Oak at Hempstead - TG597-E2. The basic ride uses the 605 Freeway Bike Way from the Whittier Narrows down to Seal Beach and back. There are a few parks along the way to regroup with bathrooms and water, but taking at least one bottle is suggested, and two or a Camelbak if it is hot.

Sweet Jill's is at 123 1/2 Main Street in Seal Beach a block from the pier. Generally there is a head wind the last 5 miles before the beach (from the bridge crossing) so as you are grunting these last few miles just think of the cinnamon bun reward that awaits you..... and how fast you will zip back up the bike way afterwards with this same wind at your back.

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