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Carlsbad 5000

First Sunday in April, Carlsbad, CA, 7:00 AM Start.
Very fast and flat 5K course.

App and info: click on Carlsbad 5000 above or call (800) 311-1255

Catherine's PR Victory

I had my own little victory this weekend that I thought I would share. In part because I'm happy and want to let others know, but, too because I want to encourage each and every person to celebrate the milestones along the way. We are each on a journey of personal best, and it is so nice to have a community of people who encourage, support, and nudge us to get better.

I joined Pasadena Triathelon Club, Foothill Flyers, and Invictus Running all at about the same time last year. Why? Primarily one word: plateau. I had reached the limit I could go training on my own. And... even more powerful... I had hit a wall of isolation that was driving me nuts. Go to work, change, run the Rosebowl (around...and around......and around....), eat, sleep, and start over. ***yawn*** The "normal" world was calling me crazy, and I was just starting to think maybe they were right. Were there like?minded people out there? The answer was, and continues to be, a resounding YES!!!

Every group has been welcoming and encouraging. My primary dilemma now is WHICH training event to go to on a given night. A brick? The "Singing Wood Run," or a workout at Physical Edge? Even more events as friends of frieinds know of a ride, or a run... Always with others who can provide that push. A little faster. A little longer. Don't stop. Keep going. And a big "atta girl" at the end. Gee... people say running is addictive. Why wouldn't it be given that atmosphere?

People giving tips. Didn't even know what a foam roll was 6 months ago. Ice? Really? And what the heck is dznuts? No! You've got to be kidding... Now working with a trainer... so much more to learn!!! And my little victory? This weekend I ran a race that has been a steady meter for me: the Carlsbad 5000. It was one of my earliest 5Ks ever in 2009. (Then I struggled and couldn't break 30 min.). In 2010 it was smack dab in the plateau cycle: 26:22 when I had run a local race (LA's "Miracle Mile) a few months earlier at 25:53. No matter LA had a l.o.n.g downhill finish, it was still the # to beat... since September '09.

Today I felt good. I had been running some fartleks in the 7:30 ranges and felt I could sustain an overall 8 min average if I started at 8:15 and worked on negative splits. Goal: 25 min. My friend (who had just run the Master's Men) had some tips. "Too many people; don't take the turns too tight or you'll get jammed," then "lighten your load... do you really need to run with your phone?" And finally (after reporting my HR for the 3rd time before the start)... "give me the HR band and focus on running!!"

Carlsbad has a bit of a hill at the beginning. Struggled to keep from blowing myself out in mile 1 as I always do. Slow down. Breathe. Pace. Mile 1: 8:00 The whole course is a bit rolling. Downhills feel good. Uphills ... well... are uphills. 7:53 mile 2. Okay. Can I go faster? Maybe not... just keep pushing... 7:47.... and there's that downhill to the finish line. Find a little more and run!

I blew past my goal. My new PR is 24:30. No where near the podium but enough to get a "top 250" medal and a whole lot of good feelings to best my old PR by well over a minute! To all looking for a good 5K, Carlsbad is one of the best. Good course, well organized, lots of booths, nice goodies, beautiful ocean view during the run. And, to everyone, keep going. Keep sharing; keep encouraging. We're all better for it!
All the best, Catherine Gallagher

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