Foothill Flyers Mountain Trail Runs
Last update Oct. 4, 2008

Eaton Canyon Falls Trail, Pasadena

This is our 4th in the series of last Wednesday of the month trail runs and typically run in July.

The start is from the Eaton Canyon Nature Center in Pasadena. Going north, the Nature Center entrance is off of Altadena Dr. just past New York Dr. about 50 yards on the right - Thomas Map 536-E7. From the 210, go north on Altadena Dr. Park at the far North end of the Eaton Canyon Nature Center parking lot if you can.

Everyone should be able to make it to the falls before the turn around at 7:10 PM. I suggest wearing an old pair of trail shoes and not bothering to attempt rock hoping across the stream crossings. Bring another pair or sandles to change into after the run if you wish.

After the initial stream crossing about 100 yards from the start, keep the stream close on your left for about a mile until you cross under the Mt. Wilson Toll Road bridge. There is a lot of poison oak up slope from the stream as the trail narrows before the bridge so stay close to the stream. Note the slide area before the bridge that took out the Toll Road. Just north of the bridge there are a number of stream crossings for 3/4 mile to the falls. Total distance to the falls is just under 2 miles.

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