Foothill Flyers
Rose Parade Float Run
New Years Morning - 6:00 AM

Exception, on the 2nd of January if the 1st falls on a Sunday.
Last update December 14, 2021
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We meet our tour leaders, Bob and Sue Spears, at 6:00 AM on the West end of the Colorado Blvd Bridge. - aka Suicide Bridge. This is at the junction with Linda Vista Ave. Wear your Foothill Flyers sweat shirt or shirt on top with layers under if cold. Bring a camera. We will jog and walk by all the Rose Parade floats on Orange Grove going down the East side with a short detour east on Del Mar to see the bands and special entries - see the map on right. Then you can either come back on the West side of the floats or if you have had enough and want to run, turn right (West) and come back up on Arroyo or even down in the wash back to the East end of the Colorado Blvd. bridge for the flyover at 8:04 AM. The B2 also flies over the Rose Bowl and departs East bound over Arcadia about 2:06pm. Following the bridge flyover, back to your car and on to the Nano Cafe for breakfast arriving about 8:30am - South side of Sierra Madre Blvd. east of Michillinda. Take the Michilinda off ramp from the 210 east bound, and go north to Sierra Madre Blvd. Turn right and go 3 blocks to Lima. Look for the Cafe at 322 W. Sierra Madre Blvd - map.

Run Directions: Despite all the traffic trying to get to the parade route, it is actually easy to get to the run start and park - download map directions. Get off the 134 freeway at San Rafael and on the south side of the freeway, turn right on Colorado Blvd. Turn left on San Rafael Ave and find a place to park on the street.

If trapped in Pasadena south of Colorado, east of Orange Grove and west of Sierra Madre Blvd, or cant get to the 210 due to street closures, try getting to South Pasadena. Take Mission west, right on Grand which will merge (left) with Arroyo blvd. Turn left and go over the La Loma Rd bridge. Then right on San Rafael - see Google map.

The Run: From the Bridge we take Grand Ave down to Maylin to get to Orange Grove and the floats. The last float is usually at Bellefontaine. You can run West to Arroyo Blvd and find your way back to the bridge or walk back up the West side of the floats until it gets too crowded, turn left and back up Grand Ave and then to the east end of the bridge for the flyover.

Click on the map above to download and print a copy to take with you to the run.

Group at the 6AM start
48 degrees at the West end of the Colorado St. bridge did not stop these Flyers.

World Famous Jockey, Robert Vangilder, is looking for a boost up on one of the Clydesdales.

After the tour of the floats on Orange Grove, the group meets at the East end of the Colorado St. bridge to watch the B2 fly close overhead at 8:04am. We get another chance to see it just after 2:00pm when it flys over the Rosebowl and climbs out over the San Gabriel Valley to return to Whiteman AFB in Missouri.

28 Flyers enjoyed breakfast at the Nano Cafe after the 2020 Float Run.

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