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Last update March 1, 2018

Fontana Days Downhill Half Marathon

1st Saturday in June, Fontana, CA, 7:45 AM Start.
Last bus leaves at 6:45 AM

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Julie Miller writes:
Known as "the World's fastest Half Marathon course". You are bussed from the finish line / city hall area up Sierra hwy into Lytle Creek Canyon for the start. The first 7 miles are very steep coming down to a slight down hill finish. If you dont PR, gravity is not your friend.

Have you ever wanted to take a bus to the top of a mountain and run down it? Then this race is for you! Hailed as the World's Fastest Half Marathon Course, Fontana has an elevation drop of 2,125 feet. June gloom contributed to perfect running conditions at the 48th Annual Fontana Half Marathon on June 7, 2003. After putting this run on for 48 years, this City knows how to put on a race. The race buses leave at 5 a.m. - 6:40 a.m. and take runners to Appelwhite Campground in the Angeles National Forest. The course runs straight down from the top of a mountain, and through 8 miles of the Angeles National Forest into Fontana. This year the runners began their decent through a marine layer provided welcome cover that lasted all morning and then some. The only uphill is the overpass at mile ten. The course is closed to all street traffic for four hours with plenty of friendly policemen and volunteers keeping the on-ramps and side streets closed to vehicles. Bring your own water, as thewater and porta-potty stations are only about every three miles, although there's a friendly gas station at about mile 8, with good restrooms.

At the end of the race, finishers got a cloth Fontana Days bag. There's also a colorful tee-shirt and a cool little Fontana Days pin.

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