Foothill Flyers Race Reviews
Last update March 1, 2018

The United States Marine Corps presents
The World Famous

Camp Pendleton Mud Run

2nd Saturday and Sunday plus 3rd Saturday in June, Lake O'Neil, Camp Pendleton, CA, 9:00 AM Start.
10K Course Map

App and info: Click on Mud Run above or call 760-725-6836.
All 3 events fill up by mid January so register immediately after New Years day.

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Best time you will ever have in the mud since you were a kid. Enter as an individual or as a 5 person team, open category where you wear what you want or wear boots and utes. Great 10K obstacle course: first they hose you down from fire trucks, then you cross a stream and up the hill to take a village, back down the other side, recross the stream, up and over the first wall to splash down in the first mud pit, wade across the swamp, over and through some more obstacles, up a hill with more fire hoses and finally to wiggle under the wires almost submerged in mud before the finish. Ya just gotta have some one take your picture at the finish - bet no one will know it is you.

Arrive at the Oceanside gate at least before 7:30 AM to drive from the front gate, park, shuttle, & check-in. Bring towels, trash bags and change of clothes... you will need them after finishing.

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