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Last update February 27, 2018

Palos Verdes Half Marathon/5K

3rd Saturday in November, Palos Verdes, CA
No more marathon, it is now just a Half.

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Julie Miller sez that PV is a challenging course, with some serious hills. It's an out-and-back race that starts at Point Fermin Park in San Pedro. The race start is easy to get to. Just follow the 110 South to San Pedro, and then follow Gaffrey Road all the way to the end. There's plenty of parking. The half and full marathon combined attracts a total of about a thousand runners. There's also a 5K.

Much of the course for the half follows the coastline and includes terrific views and nice breezes from the Pacific on one side, and expensive real estate on the other. The weather was almost perfect -- overcast, and cool. The course is challenging. By mile four, you're into some serious climbing, but there are some nice downhills. For the most part, the road is paved asphalt. The organizers have arranged for one half of the road to be closed, and highway patrol leads caravans of cars on the other. Part of the return is on a paved asphalt bike path. One caveat: There was only one porta-potty, and that was at mile 6. On the way back, you're rewarded with scenic coastal views, and you run by a golf course next to the ocean.

Both half and full marathoners get medals and tee-shirts. The medal for the half was small and green, but hey, it's a medal. And, if you want to do the full marathon, you're not going to get one for a better price. The full marathon is $30 and the half is $25. Post-race refreshments include really good coffee, bread from the La Brea bread company, Cliff bars and fruit. There's a band playing, and Point Fermin makes a good place for picnic too. But I recommend the Omelet and Waffle Shop on the way out. The Omelet and Waffle Shop is at 1103 South Gaffey Street, San Pedro (tel: 310- 831-3277). This small restaurant has a great selection of breakfast foods, and blue plate specials, and for a very reasonable price too.

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