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Last update March 1, 2018
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Snow Valley Xterra 21K Trail Race

Last runners escorted by El DiabloLast Sunday in July, Snow Valley CA, 8:15 AM Start.
App and info: Event no longer held.
See the photos taken at the 2013 event.

Maria Vangilder sez:
The Snow Valley Xterra 10K/21K trail race is very organized and the course is amazing . Lots of shady single track and very runnable downhill sections. Every finisher gets a medal and the awards are awesome. One of the fun touches to the races is that El Diablo runs in behind the last runner that is out on the course.

Arriving on Saturday, we set up our tent and watched the Triathlon that was going on. There are two triathlons and a biathlon. Later in the afternoon several of us headed into Big Bear for dinner, ice cream and a little walk around town. Race day morning was great. Both the 10K and half marathon (21K) starts were after 8am and only a few steps away from the camping area. We had a fantastic weekend. Can't wait until next year!

Jayme Cascegno's 2013 experience:
The trail run at Xterra Snow Valley, was once again a success, But this year it was the year for Invictus and the Foothill Flyers, both teams cleaned up in awards.

This was my 3rd year doing the trail runs, the past 2 years I did the 1/2 Marathon as my birthday run, This year I did the 10k, it was a lot of fun.

What made this year better then the past 2 years, I would have to say it was having my friends there. The past 2 years, I went up by myself, made new friends and talked about this race all year long. This year with Invictus and the Foothill Flyers made it all the better.

I went up early Saturday to help out with the Tri. I worked the 2nd aid station all day. When I made it down the hill, Robert and Maria where setting up camp, Simon had already set up his camp, Roger and Caroline were also all set for their stay. With the help of Robert, I got my camp site done, and off to dinner in town we went. After dinner we all went over to the All Black site., and had a good laugh, when Mr. Simon shared with us his new underwear.

Jayme and 10K awardSunday morning came too soon, The 1/2 Marathon started at 8:15, and off they go, The All Black, Roger Maria, Robert and Chris. The 10k started around 8:45, I was a little down that I was not doing the 1/2, but after I finished I was glad I did the 10k, and I think from here on out the 10k will be my race. It was fun, I was done in under 2 hours, I took home 1st in my Div, and the best part I got to cheer on my Friends that did the 1/2.

I would love to see this become a team event each year. The staff for Xterra is great, the awards are all hand made, the trails are beautiful, you could do either the 1/2 or the 10k, and still get a great run in. You could stay in town, or for $20 camp at Snow Valley. AT the 2nd aid station for the trail run you also get the one and only Jimmy, what more could you ask for.

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