Mt. Zion Loop
Last update January 2, 2018
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This is a scenic single track loop of about 9 miles out of Chantry Flat. From 1995 to 2017, it was an annual club event every New Years Eve morning. The section from Chantry Flat to the Sturtevant Camp junction is part of the Angeles Crest 100 mile trail race.

See the map below. The loop is counter clockwise once you go down the .6 mile paved road to Robert's Camp and is accessable from the south end of the lower parking lot. From Robert's you go up Big Santa Anita Canyon next to the stream by many cabins to the Fern Lodge junction and select going up either the Lower trail that goes above the falls or the Upper (Horse) Gabrielino trail - both take about the same time. After 4.4 miles taking the lower trail (4.5 taking the upper trail) and going through Cascade camp and Spruce Grove Camp, you come to Sturtevant Camp. There is a great swing set between two tall trees there. There is a drinking fountain there, but it may not be maintained so pack sufficient water. Then up the Mt. Zion trail to the peak to take in the view. Leaving the side trail from the peak, you go down to Hoegees Camp. At the junction you can elect to go down the valley next to the stream to Robert's Camp on the Lower Winter Creek Trail and then back up the pavement, or you can turn right and come back via the Upper Winter Creek trail which is about .4 miles longer but the last 2 miles are down hill.

USFS Adventure Pass is required to park at Chantry Flat or you can pay $5 and park at the Adams Pack Station which is at the south end of the Chantry upper parking lot. Chantry Flat is all the way north into the mountains on Santa Anita Ave from Arcadia - see directions. Bring enough water and snacks for 3 hours and a snack or energy food. Cell phones do not work in the canyons.

Download and print out a copy of the map to take with you.

Zion loop trail map

The first Noiz Indian run was in 1995 and was the brain child of Richard "Hozer" Gilmore. He passed it on to Manny Garcia Dec 31, 2008. Jimmy Downs was the chief until 2017.

2010 Noiz Tribal Leaders
The new 2010 Noiz Tribal Council: Medicine Man George Velasco, Princess Brenda Thomason, Chief Manny Garcia and Princess Karen Johnson.

After you cross the bridge over the stream you will see this sign at Robert's Camp. Turn right and follow the dirt road.
At the Fern Lodge junction sign, look left and you will see the sign for the Gabrielino and Sturtevant Loop trails. The loop trail is more scenic but has stream crossings and a little rock hopping. Time to the rejoin junction is about the same.

Sturtevant Camp - Newcomb Saddle trail signSturtevant Camp
After Spruce Grove you will cross a stream and come to the Gabrielino Trail and Sturtevant camp sign. Go left to Sturtevant Camp and keep going straight at the next sign on into the camp.

First timers have to try out the giant swing between the trees at Sturtevant Camp - it is a tradition.

Inside the main building is a kitchen, tables for eating, ping pong and a room with a fire place. You can rent the Sturtevant Camp for groups.

These people came all this way to just see a small pile of rocks atop Mt. Zion on a cold New Years Eve morning. Hozer passes the Noiz sacred rock, the indian agents symbol of power, on to Manny Garcia after his 15 years in office. A tough pair of moccasins to fill.

Manny Garcia, pushes his squad of brush snippers clearing trail on the way up to Mt. Zion. Trail maintenance during this event might become a new tradition. 8 people brought twig snips and cut overhanging brush from trail in 2008.

No branch shall hang lower than 6' 1" above the ground - or according to the National Bureau of Standards, within 1 Ryne. This is so Mark Ryne does not get his head scratched or hat knocked off.

Medicine Man Hozer taps Bob Spears sore knee with the magical healing branch so that Bob can run the Avalon 50 in a few weeks. George Velasco gets inducted into the Noiz indian tribe by high priestess Nancy Gilmore and is presented with a neckless of beads she spent all year making with her own hands.

Yes, there is an outhouse available for the small of bladder at the Spruce Grove Campground.

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