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Last update October 25, 2011
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Silver Moccasin Trail
Shortcut to Newcomb's Ranch - Out and Back

trail mapThis is a good training run in spring or fall in the San Gabriel Mountains behind Mt. Wilson. Round trip is a little over 13 miles and can include a food break at Newcomb's Ranch. An Adventure Pass is required to park at Shortcut so it is best to car pool from from the junction of the 210 and 2 by meeting at the corner of Milmada Dr and parking on Flanders Rd - map. The drive to the Shortcut Saddle trail head will take you about 45 minutes as we have experienced working an aid station there for the Mt. Disappointment 50k - map and directions. Park on the north side near the trail head. Once on trail, follow all the Silver Moccasin Trail signs.
Click on the trail map on right and print out a copy to take with you.
See Robert Vangilders photos from a run in October 2011.

Chilao to Shortcut Saddle Trail
(from the AC100 2011 Race Book)

The Race-course continues up over a ridge towards Chilao Campground on the Silver Moccasin Trail. Crossing the blacktop, it skirts the campgrounds to the right. Continue down about 1/2 mile where the trail connects to a dirt road. Bear left. This dirt road is a rolling climb up to the Charlton Flats blacktop access road. Bear left. You will pass through an open wooded area, with a vintage wooden building (now destroyed by the Station Fire) on the left. At a picnic clearing right after a USFS pipegate, the trail is visible - but not obvious - off to the right.

Contour up the slope. At the Vetter Mtn/ Silver Moccasin trail junction, bear left. The Silver Moccasin trail contours along a wooded slope with picnic tables scattered under the trees. You will pass a nonfunctioning faucet.

Following the NFS trail-markings, you will be contouring across a blacktop road up to the ridge. From here you can see Shortcut Saddle and Mt Wilson in the distance. Follow the trail down the SW facing slope, across the dry creek bed and up the other side. This part of the trail is obvious and there are no turnoffs. You will switchback up through manzanita and live oak. Poison oak makes its first appearance on this slope, take care. Shortcut Saddle is about a mile up from the bottom.

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